XBox 360 Camera Provided

XBox 360 Camera

The Xbox 360 camera is one of those odd items that make the Xbox 360 so very cool. God I love it. photos definitely do not do it justice. If you look real close, you can see the little details that someone worked really hard on. Even though it is just a tiny little thing, it makes the Xbox 360 so much more fun to play.

I love it that you can take a picture and send it to friends. If you don’t feel like taking a photo, then you can use the dashboard camera!

I even wrote about the Xbox’s photo functionality in my review of the Kinect. The reviews I’ve written are just from nutshell, but it still helps to know that there is a bit of limitations to the Xbox 360 photo functionality. Sometimes, it is frustratingly difficult to exactly how much you can do with the snap camera function.

When you are just getting started, it kind of blows your mind.Let me stress that I have played some games that make full use of the photo functionality, and most definitely, they were impressive. For example, you could create your own avatar and play games like Resident Evil 5 andDemon’s Souls. ufabet356

I just don’t think there is any way a Kinect user could get anything more out of the snap camera function.It is simply amazing that this little device, so overlooked, is responsible for putting a whole new spin on gaming.

Even if you have a goofy photo look or are just a low level., you can absolutely master the Snap Cams in Xbox 360. Just snap the camera in there and start taking pictures. It takes a few seconds to get used to, because you might not know which button goes where. I know I did.


Fujiflexenses really have some wonderful products. This is one of those products that will blow you away. If you have a creative side, you’ll really want to check out this company. I highly recommend the snap camera. Face it, there are more pressing matters to take care of than taking pictures of your dinner, but taking pictures of your friends and family is special.

XBox 360 Camera



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Xbox 360 Snap Camera


Xbox 360 Helps You Visualize Better

Vogu glare

Xbox Helps You Visualize Better

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Vogu Glare

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Start Chatting With Friends Within 30 seconds


Yadin Pack (3 Items)

Yadin Pack (5 Items)

WoW Playing Time

grenade launcher (2 Items)

Grenade launcher (acer) (2 Items)

Exploding Franchise (3 Items)

Flamethrower (2 Items) (3 Items) (4 Items) (5 Items)

Flamethrower (ring of fire) (1 Item) (3 Items)

Concussive Grenade

2 x Hail (M) (anticipated future expansion)

1 x Termination (M)

5 x Brimstone (F)

2 x Ashenvale (F)

5 x manuals (M) ring of fire (M)

1 x Annihilation (M)

2 x Cataclysm (F)

5 x Manuals (M)

blast wave (M)

1 x Trail of burntASH (F)

2 x Asula (F)

3 x BlazAndar (F)

1 x Elemental Ward (M)

5 x Protectorate (M)

1500 gold

ARP guild

no exploits, no cheats, no hacks

Build your own

self defense s

oldering iron, you can make your own

fuse maximizer

If you are not an engineer you can be ingenious and use all these weapons with no problem, but be warned, weaponsheat up pretty fast, and you can break your weapon on the heating up, while it may not blow up, it may be rendered unusable for a good many hours.

The burning crusade

Let’s say that you want to wander around Azeroth and collect choppers from the sky.

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