Winning Blackjack Systems – How to Win Big

Winning Blackjack Systems - How to Win Big

The classic game of blackjack is so simple to master. There are some winning systems for blackjack which can be extremely effective in making the house a player at the table. However, the arsenal of the player must include some tools that anyone can master without having to burn away thousands of dollars. The best of these systems are outlined below and if followed correctly, can make the difference between winning and losing in a blackjack game.

Winning Systems for Blackjack

1) The Martingale System – This is the most common of all the winning systems for blackjack, and for that reason, is the most commonly known system. The principle behind this system is extremely simple, but its application is anything but. All you have to do is keep adding money to your bet until you win. If you lose, you add the amount you lost to your bet, and keep on adding money to your pool, and you will almost always win in the long run. Unfortunately, this simple principle is not foolproof and in the short run, can lose you entire bankroll.

2) The Fibonacci System – This system was discovered by a sequence of Leonardo Fibonacci, a Italian mathematician. This is a stunning system to use in the game of blackjack, because it is not based on the cards you have, but rather on the progression of the cards’ values. This means that if you keep track of the cards, you can determine what cards will come out of the deck and what cards to be dealt next. Using this system can be extremely difficult though. If you began to use this system while learning blackjack, you might not get out of a deep hole fast enough, and before you know it, you’re down hundreds of dollars.

3) The Dopey Experiment – Known as theiddle exerciseor, this system requires you to set aside a small wager, and when you win, you add the amount you won to your original wager. If you lose the round, you decrease the amount of your bet, and if you win, you add the amount you won to the original wager. You keep on doing this until you lose and you win an amount that you have set aside.

4) The Labouchere System – This system is a progression system, and is also an advanced progression system. This system is best used for the middle stages of a blackjack game. As the game progress, and the cards that are dealt on the table, you keep adding to your original 52 card deck. If you win, you add to the 17 you were playing on, and you keep on adding to 17 while the game is in progress. When you do lose, you remove the number of the card you just learned from your list, and repeat the process.

5) The Fibonacci System – This is a sequence of numbers that is derived from the Fibonacci sequence. This system is used to determine probabilities in blackjack, and the progression type of the Fibonacci sequence. If you determine the probability of a certain card coming out, you can determine what card you need to be in to have a certain probability of winning. Keep in mind that this sequence can be a very large number, so it is very unlikely that you will win with every win. If you’re looking for a system that will help you to come up with the perfect number for your blackjack, this is one of the safest. Apply ufabet1688

6) The Dopey Experiment – If you engage in this method while learning how to play blackjack for the sole purpose of trying to beat the dealer, you may want to give this a chance. The Fey experiment requires you to split your deck 50 ways, and then use the same color and number for each card. If you lose, deal yourself another deck. If you win, keep using the same color and number for each card, and deal yourself another deck. This process is repeated again until you lose, and then you go back to the beginning. If you win, you’ll be up around $5.00 or so. If you lose, you lose your first bet, and then you continue to play with that $5.00. However, if you win, you’ll only win $5.00, plus your original bet.

7) The Labouchere System – This method is the sum of the two previous methods. To use this method, decide how much you want to win in your first hand, and then plug that amount in to the function. Once you win, cross out the amount you decided in the middle of application, and the amount you originally decided. Continue this procedure until you’ve made the desired profit.

8) The Paroli Betting System – This method is even simpler than the Martingale Betting System.