The Bonus of Aggressive Micro-Loose Play

The Bonus of Aggressive Micro-Loose Play

These days a lot of people consider themselves to be experts at one or two different poker games, on the belief that if you have been playing Texas Hold’em for years they can kind of thing. As the game of poker becomes more and more popular, the variants of poker being played and the caliber of players whom play them all show a reinvestment in poker as a whole. Each year a new crop of poker players emerges, trained to the extent that they can be made into experts, but with the advent of online poker this is no longer the case.

During my year and a half of being a poker player, I saw everything from beginner players who seemed to think poker was a game of chess to the seasoned veterans that seemed to think poker was a game of mathematics. During this time I also saw the rise of many poker systems such as the legendarycheddarrigan, which was in itself the precursor to the Poker Santa systems1.0.0. I remember spending entire nights after nights analysing games and procedures, trying to gain an edge over the other players. It was my good fortune that I utilised the now out-dated pokercanner’s favoured methods against the other players, and I ended up winning my first WSOP at a $2/$4 table.

After this big win I started playing micro-stakes cash games on pokerstars (now replaced with Pokerstars 2.0) and I thought again about what kind of game I enjoyed being involved in. Rather than being content with working my rear for the stable, I started playing sit and go tournaments, waiting for AA and pushing all-in fast before the blinds increased once more. Minimum deposit 100

After a while I realized that the games where I was most profitable were not the micro stakes games. The reason being, that the games where most people seem to forget about KoC Monthly poker tournaments, when there is a KoC period where no one plays, there are a whole lot of fish to pick from. My current trend is away from the micro-stakes games and onto the bigger games.

The first game I ever won at a KoC was $1/$2.0. I was sitting on the button with AA, on the big blind, and was raised by the player on the big blind, who was white, with a stack of $270k. I made the call, the blinds folded, and I tripled up with $360k on the river. That is, until I hit a set on the flop. There was a flush draw and a straight draw. I hit the set and had top pair. The reason why I didn’t get any help was that the player in first position raised under the gun for $4k. Making a basic error in judgement, I moved all-in. Then, I got cold feet and changed my mind, with the thought that I might have some control on the situation if I slow played the hand.

As it turned out, that set did earn me 3-1. Not even a small victory, but I should have probably known better than to try and play the hand that way. As it was, that triple flop came on the river, when there was no Ace possibly on the board. I checked, and worst poker play of all occurred. The player under the gun, who had been playing very loose early, made a big bet of 880k. Having no idea what the his opponent had, I moved all-in. To make a long story short, I got cold feet, made the wrong decision, and lost 800k. Here I would have stopped the story short, but the cards came my way and I picked up a big hand to double up.

The first level of mistakes made in cash games is about standard deviation. You can and will make huge errors, no matter how good you are. Finding out ways to reduce your losses is the most important part of becoming a winning poker player. I know people who never buy in to a cash game again, because they get fed up with 3-5 big losing streaks in a row. Why? Because they know that in order to be profitable, you have to have a lot or more bad poker games than good games. It is a proven fact that most all poker players, including myself, have spIDS with big hands. I can’t build my bankroll with hands like 6 spades, unless I have a very strong reason to do so. I can, however, play cash games online, because I don’t have to worry about losing it back to the poker room.

The next level of mistakes is sign-up bonus abuse.