rocking the house – Buy the Slot Machine

rocking the house - Buy the Slot Machine

Be smart, play smart, and leave the casino with at least some of your money. The biggest reason slot machines (or payouts) are popular is because people love them. Let’s face it, the odds aren’t in your favor when you walk up to a slot machine, but they’re in the entertainment value of playing them. In addition, consider this-you can spend a hundred bucks and come out with over two hundred, if you’re lucky. Can you say that about other casino games? Web casino

You can’t. The odds never change with any game. That’s part of the allure of gambling. You know you’re going to lose, but you can still entertain yourself by playing slot machines or the roulette table.

Slots are also a big business in many casinos. Why? Because most people can’t resist playing them. They love the flashing lights and spinning reels that church or community halls are filled with. These same people also love to come to the casino to spend their hard-earned cash and win even more.

Of course, the odds aren’t in your favor, which makes them even more exciting. And, if you believe in luck, there’s nothing better than spending a few bucks on a slot machine in exchange for a chance to win a fortune. Best of all, the only thing you have to do to win is to pull the lever or push the spin button.

But, do you know the odds on these games? You may be surprised. Let’s say you walk in and there are eight slot machines. You have an equal chance of getting a hit (a win) or of someone else having a hit (a win). Mathematically, your odds are 8 to 1. These are better than odds (because depending on what number you hit, you could still lose), but you can’t get away with the big win without a sensible game plan.

Here’s a simple plan for playing with equal chances of a win or a loss. Take one dollar and bet on one of the quarter machines. You have a 17% chance of winning and a 32% chance of losing, which means you can lose three quarters. Keep betting on that same machine for one hour.

If you win, quit and leave the quarter machine. If you lose, just walk away. Then go back and start betting with your usual quarter machine. You’ll now be betting with a 17% chance of winning and a 32% chance of losing. This is a slightly better chance of winning, but not enough to overcome the losses if you suffer a loss.

If you win the second time, just quit. Each time you get up to try again, your odds are now 1 in 14. So if you win, you stay and get a bit more money. If you lose, you get up and try again. You keep betting with the same quarter machine, but now your odds are now 1 in 14, giving you slightly better odds of winning the second time.

If you win, then you either get up and leave, or if you hour is up, take a break and come back later. Or you can stop and get a different machine. Each time you increase your chances of winning, in the long run, you will win far more than you do now.

However, this doesn’t take into account the fact that you might lose a third time. In that case, you keep trying and betting. Your luck maybe better on the next try.

Craps is another sucker bet but there is one difference. The craps table is divided into two areas. On the first level are the pass or don’t pass bets. On the second level are the odds bets. Usually the “don’t pass” bets carry the odds bet. You can also bet on whether the outcome will be a 7, 11, or 12. This means that if you bet on “11” you win if the dice show numbers between 2 and 12, which is basically a bet on “cats”. The odds bets carry the lowest odds. You can bet $5-or-less at a time. If you win, cash out. If you lose, you’ll have to come back another day.

North & South Carolina casinos are great for a bite to eat, a drink, and maybe a little gaming action. The variety of casinos includes names like Bell Isle, ramps, peaks, riverboats, and more. You can take a ride on the Carnival Cruise, a traditional riverboat, or have dinner on the dining room table.

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