3 Ways to Improve Your Pre-Flop Game

3 Ways to Improve Your Pre-Flop Game

1. Move out of the “Poker Tilt” As I watch a poker player teetering on tilt, I’m able to identify several major elements that are causing this problem. Typically, a player will have a series of good hands, and after will pre-flop game lose slowly over a long period of time. This is what I refer to as the “Poker Tilt.”

Pre-Flop Game there are many possible reasons why a poker player may be teetering on tilt. One of the more common reasons is a lack of nerve. When you lose quickly you may not understand why you lost, which is very difficult to forgive. The number one reason why players lose quickly is a lack of nerve.

If you suffer from tilt, you should not gamble until you are quenched in your emotions. If you are a player who can’t snap out of a tilt because of financial issues or some other reason, you should not gamble. Have you ever been on tilt? If you have, you will know how awful it can be to lose that much money. www.ufabe.com

When you’re on tilt, you should recognize that you are “sucked out” on many hands. You will have tendency to lose quickly and know that you are “sucked out” many times. Because of this, you should not gamble until the point is hopefully so remote that you have a chance of wining your poker hand. Maybe the thing that you should do is not gamble. Maybe the only thing you should do is to watch the players at your table, for they may be stealing a lot of blinds and putting pressure on you.


If you are a novice at online poker, you will probably have suffered from ” tilt” at one time or another. It’s not uncommon and should be taken seriously. Are you feeling like you are trying to prove a point? Maybe you should be watching your table for any abusers or quoteammers that your aware of. They are walking like sharks at your table and like you are their prey. One of the last things you want to do is to have your ego bruised by someone who thinks they are a big shot.

This is a common problem with beginning poker players. They believe they are so invincible, they do not take the time to realize that other players are building a level of trust for themselves that they will inevitably bring that kind of behavior to their dumb little heads.

When you are realizing your poker opportunity, you want to be able to see some cards of your opponents and determine quite quickly if you are unscathed or not. You will never be able to do this if you are Novel Rich or Application Software developer.

One of the times I realized this principle is so very important, is when I was playing very loose, forua- roaming through Texas Holdem tournaments. I had no problem getting a big stack going, on the other hand, I was finding out I couldn’t get a big stack to win a tournament unless I hit a big hand.

Basically, you have to build your stack in one big push, or do one big blind, one big raise, or find a lot of fish and round them up. Either way, you need a big stack or the tournament can destroy you. I thought I was very good at this game.

Of course, I quickly discovered I was wrong, and got destroyed. I also noticed that none of the other players were rushing to take my chips away from me. This made me realize that if there’s no one pushing very hard to get rid of me, then I better not get too prideful and try to get a big stack early. heroes like bad beats become more common when you’re playing open ended type connectors.

Cheap to move against

The thing about connectors is that they are easy to push, and sometimes even easier to push to move all in. What you want to do with these hands is play them by all means, but please focus on moving them all in against good hands.

When you’re trying to push trips or more, you’re hoping that the hands just don’t improve. Playing connectors is a lot of fun. Almost as much fun as playing small pairs. If I had to guess, I would say the only hands I truly fear are AA and AK suited, though when I play them I play them strong.

If you want to learn more on how to successfully play the glued in NL Hold’em games, then I suggest you continue on to Part 2. Part 2 will cover how to deal with aces on the button.

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