Why Pokerotes ?

Why Pokerotes?

Pokerotes.com is a very good and unique website that provides online poker services, including a forum where people can advertise their poker services and/or businesses. The owner of Pokerotes.com is Ryan ‌ Carmichael. He is also a poker player and YouTuber (You can watch him at 2:40 mins in the following video). He started to develop his own software in 2004 and named it Poker Edge. The website is where you can find his private videos explaining how he visualizes poker hands and bets. Some of the explanations are:

– The front nine

– The Theme

– Preflop

– Flop

– Turn

– River Then he shares some of his poker tips. The video contains someLOOTEYARDBOY Stuff.


I think that Ryan Carmichael is the new face in online poker. I just believe that his reputation will get bigger and bigger in the coming year and bigger as peopleize watch him and see how he really plays. I remember when there were just a handful of poker players on the Internet, now there are a lot more. Maybe this is why Pokerides.com is so successful? Maybe this is the reason Ryan Carmichael will be sitting at the final table onicable to win a major poker tournament? That was my thought process as I watched the end of his session on Poker360.

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Apart from the poker videos, the website has a bunch of great Facebook and Myplayer pages where players can log in and check out their poker and Facebook accounts, as well as where they can advertise their services. They also have some great forum created by the webmaster(s) and founding member which allow players to post questions and gain knowledge for answering those questions.

Besides the videos, the membership site has some other great resources such as a hand history reviews, complete deck of second hand cards, poker Texas Hold’em cheat sheet, poker odds and statistics, and a poker glossary. ufabet1688

Unlike in poker form, the site of Poker Edge offers some extra resources to take advantage of. Such as a hand history review which reviews every hand dealt by yours truly on the site and gives the player a complete overview on how they played the hand in question. The player can also get a copy of the hand history and can get notified of any bad beats. The hand history review not only provides an overview on how the individual played every hand, but in addition, offers players a deep look on how the play their cards and make decisions throughout the poker hand.

Another good resource offered by the poker card site is the poker Texas Hold’em cheat sheet. This is a simple tool that helps players to assess their cards in poker and watch out for what the experts miss. As a poker player, you know that there are certain cards that stand out more than others and how to adjust your strategy. This tool will suggest areas where you are at a disadvantage based on your cards, and how you can work those weaknesses into your favor.

You will also find a poker odds calculator tool when you play poker online.

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