Poker Sit and Go Report – Converging Profiles

Poker Sit and Go Report - Converging Profiles

Somebody recently emailed me asking about how tracking an opponent’s profile during a Poker sit and go tournament is useless because tournaments require a far different strategy than limit ring games because of the escalating blinds.

This comes from previous articles and videos I produced showing how to categorize your opponents into some definitive animal-like caricatures that have somewhat predictable patterns of play. ufabet168

Here is the bottom line for profiling :

It is not useful to profile people based on hand strength, playing styles, tournament history, bankroll fluctuations, and the like.

It is also not very profitable. If you try to pricey tool in the game of poker you will be disappointed.

If you want to win money and want to win fast, you will need to be fast and efficient. You will need to adopt a tournament-based system and all-in at the right time.

There are many factors to consider when plugging those last two words.

1. You, the player, not the website. Identify the information available about your opponent. Profiling tools, online tools, software programs, and your own gut instinct can provide you with critical information but no guarantee is possible.

2. How many hands do they play? Do they play premium hands or just push hands? Do they respect your raises or just automatically give up when you play hands?

3. What position at the table are they from? If you are in early position what is your expected advantage?

4. What is the chip structure at your table? If the blinds are high and you do not have a big stack, you will have to take more aggressive risks to steal the blinds because your opponents will be taking much smaller risks.

5. How many players are in the hand? If you think your hand is good enough to be called, you probably will be. If you are not looking to make a move and are sure you will be ahead, you probably will not be.

The expected value of your decisions are much more clearly defined when you play a cash game because the true odds will be known at the exact situation you are in the exact moment the decision to make will be made.

Sit and Go Shark, Tournament Shark, SharkScope

You can see when your opponents have a premium hand and when they don’t, based on profiling as the Little Green Man says.

You know when your opponent will call a raise in position and when they won’t, based on your gut instinct.

You know what your opponent will raise with against different hands to set up a trap.

This is not including re-stealing the blinds, but if you happen to be making a push at the pot, your opponent won’t have a solid hand to fold.

If you think you have made a bonehead play, your villain will either call you, raise the pot, or fold their hand to you.

This demonstrated basic concept is exactly what poker is all about. Making the exact same decision a million times against the exact same opponent. Yes, your opponent can adjust and read yourague, but you read them and they will read you.

If you think you have what it takes to make a profitable play, you will be tremendous!