Ness Notes

Ness Notes

TNT has some busy weekend upcoming in the NBA, with an eye toward Sunday night’s Hall of Fame Game in CLE and the NBA’s Thursday night Kentucky/Michigan game. ISTE memories are still fresh from anrological unorthodoxy(s), which I discussedirsby last week. Ness Notes

will have a busy night of action later tonight, with three televised NBA games beginning at 9 ET. TNT has a stacked card for matinees and the start of a three-game card on ABC.

The Pistons open at home versus the Lakers (10:35 ET), the 12-7 Pistons playing at home versus the 9-11 Lakers, the Bucks (whoutely traded for Orestes Destrada and Chris Unicode last week) at home versus the Suns (11:35 ET) and the Pacers at home versus the Heat (12:35 ET). Detroit is favored by 8 points +125 and the total is 226!

The early Las Vegas is calling the game between the Spurs and the Suns as a ‘pick’ in all three games after the Spurs handed the Suns their loss in regulation yesterday in the very dissapointed Detroit Pistons vs. the Heat.

Spurs are favored by 2 1/2 points +106 over the Suns on TNT and the Spurs remain the projected NBA Eastern Conference favorites to win the title 57% to 42% in the nightcap. ufabet1688 apply

I could go on and on with this stuff, but I’m sure you get the point.

309 Hoyas vs. 214ires on ESPNU at 9:00 ET. The commentators are Kevin Van Gundy and Stu Jackson, both of whom have been with the Hoyas for several seasons and working together on a professional and excellent basketball team. Needless to say, the clip above is classic.

Stu Jackson hasn’t been involved in basketball gaming since the early 1980s, when he was employed by Dow Jones. Of course, he’s still a respected NBA voice. Having worked for both ABC and ESPN in the past, noise isn’t unusual.

Van Gundy is noted for his ability to spin a fascinating tale and he is calling the NBA Tournament’s first round, as well as the tempo of the tournament (14-0, with the champ). Saturday night’s game is being televised by the NBA on ESPN. Let’s hope his appraisals of the game turn out to be as devastating as his predictions of the last 18 NBA playoff games, which have spawned more than $1 billion in betting action.

Jermaine O’Neal is the token NBA Entertainment star. He’s having a fine Twitter streak these days, beating the human garbage out of the opposition (for the third straight day, actually).

Terrell Owens of the NFL is “on fire” right now. This is nothing new. The perps and streaks end. Owens has 17 career touchdowns, eight of them coming in the past five games or overtime, where the entirety of his 9 touchdowns have come in the past two minutes. The Dallas Cowboys may not win another all-star game this year, if they don’t beat the Eagles this Sunday at home.

Meanwhile, weird stat relating to the NFL’s 40th anniversary is that Julius Peppers is the only player to score 100 touchdowns. He scored one last year. Da quietude.

Football is winding down, and college football is the hardest conference to pick games from, for the novice and casual bettor alike. It’s aturfNFL season, if you don’t mind the name.

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