How to Pick A Fighter to Bet on in the MMA


I regularly bet on MMA fights including every UFC event and I have learned a lot about handicapping mixed martial arts in the past few years. My goal in this article is to teach interested individuals how to pick a fighter to bet on in the MMA.

In order to pick a fighter to bet on, you have to analyze careful thought on each of the factors listed below. Remember, MMA is not a sport like football, basketball, or baseball. It is a mixture of striking and cage fighting. fighters may have good or bad fighting styles.

The first factor to be considered is the size of the opponent. If he is fighting smaller opponents than he is challenged to parlay with big punchers. The best UFC fighters are usually fighting opponents that are shorter than they are. If you like to bet on fighters, you can analyze the statistics and face it. It is rare that you will see aivanator fight below theilk. When you bet on UFC fights, look for the fighters that are fighting shorthanded. Apply ufabet1688

The second thing to be considered is the fighting style of the fighter. It is essential to analyze his fighting style because he is the one fighting in the cage. You have to watch his every move because he could be using an aggressive or a conservative fighting style. The best UFC fighters are usually the ones that are aggressive and have a good chance of winning a decision.

The third must have quality fightcards on your side. Always choose the bigger popular UFC fighters because these guys can gain a lot of money by themselves. Analyze the performance of the top ranked UFC fighters in the fights in which they win. If they win, then you can bet your money on them again. If they lose, you will want to wait for another fight.

Never analyze the betting odds or the betting structure too highly. Always be sure about your decisions and always bet with your brain. Always remember that UFC is not always about the hand strength. There are times when a fighter can be fighting regarding technique and the strategy. When technique and strategy are on your side, you are sure to win in the long run.

If you are doubtful about winning your bets, do not bet. Rather, if you are doing a paper trade, use the following guidelines.


• Wager for a fighter that has a significant amateur following. An important factor here is that the odds wager should be around the same as the stake for the fighter with the most amateur following.

• Wager on a fighter that is in his home town. Fewer amateur fighters have fightingaled in their hometown in the years since UFC was founded. Since the organization attracts so many fighters from all over the world, it is difficult to find a fighter that is from his hometown.

• Wager on a fighter that is making his UFC debut. Few fighters make their debut at the same time, and the odds are against them. This means you have to bet on a fighter with a significant amateur following.

• Wager on a fighter that is making his UFC debut against a top-level guy. Top-level guys are not very often finished on the tournament levels. Odds are that they are the better players.

No matter what you analyze, you should always follow a few basic guidelines when betting on mixed martial arts. The most important guideline that you should always remember is that MMA is a mixed martial arts and not a boxing matchup.Boxing is about the hand strength. In mixed martial arts, hand strength is not as important as timing, timing, and more importantly, the result of the previous hand.

Once you’ve analyzed the fight, you will have to apply the mathematics of mixed martial arts and apply it to the fight. For example, if you know that you have a better hand against a fighter on the other side of you, you can bet with the odds in your favor. If you are pushing a medium chip stack called a medium bet, then you are getting roughly 2 to 1 on your money. The odds for this are therefore likely to be on your side.

However, if the fighter is taking a lot of damage and his chances of winning the hand are very slim, it might not be advisable to bet on the hand. If you know that the fighter only takes damage for small part of his hand, you can risk betting on the hand because you can get a good payout. The only way you will succeed in winning the hand is if your chosen fighter has a lot more chips than the opponent.

That’s it! You are probably becoming aware of how to make money betting on MMA. If so, you are at least in the moderate learning stage. If you want to make serious money, you will have to analyze the betting odds and the betting structure in the sport of MMA.