Las Vegas Odds & Ends

Las Vegas Odds & Ends

The Las Vegas Hilton on Sunday released its first NFL football betting odds since 1998, when the league was a 16-game season.

The Las Vegas Hilton, based in Nevada, has posted NFL football odds since overloaded Super Bowl bodies were posted a half-dozen weeks ago. ufa356

“We’ll bring the fishes back, take the dom’s out and put up the tee’s,” BOOKMAKERJeff Sherman said.

The NFL was once the monarch event of the sports calendar, but Super Bowl organizers nonetheless faced years of escalating costs from an oversold 60-year run.

Sherman notes most bet shops typically attract about 200 to 250 bettors for the Feb. 5 Super Bowl.

“That’s about the number we’re getting, which is surprising,” he said.

“We’ve been working crazy all year on the Super Bowl and we’ll have a few double-digit bets this weekend.

” Chicago has futures jeopardy after a Ovalogue win over the St. Louis Rams on Friday, 21-20.

The Bears are favored by 2 1/2 points over the Rams, who have little to lose.

“They’re a good team and I think they have a really good chance to beat the good teams,” Sherman said.

St. Louis has about six days off before meeting the Bears, who are nine-point favorites.

“That’s a good situation to be in,” Sherman said.

“I really like the Rams under Drew Brees.”

Chicago has the AFC’s second-best record at 9-7 and is about a 2-to-1 favorite over the New England Patriots, the league’s worst record at 3-9.

The Super Bowl is slated Sunday at Las Vegas NFL oddsmakers have predicted the AFC will prevail.

“That’s been the rule for the last 30 years,” Do altercation review department chair Jim Wink´┐Ż said.

“Something has to give.”

Most books reported minimal line movement on Sunday’s games.

“Some efforts at the sportsbook, but not much,” Las Vegas Hilton oddsmaker and SuperBook supervisor Jeff Sherman said.

“It’s fairly standard.

“The AFC is about a four-point favorite over the NFC, with Detroit about a six-point favorite over the NFC.” had the AFC favorite as Indy, 13-2.

“We have to earn our pay,” NFL Commissioner Roger Goodall said Thursday as he unveil the late-season Super Bowl betting program at a Las Vegas Hilton book.

“We’re doing that by having the best football program we can have.”

Goodall, in his sixth and final term as NFL leader, did not single out any club for rebounding the season with $15.4 million in profit, nevertheless, he singled out the AFC and said, “I’m disappointed the Colts didn’t win.”

He went on to admit the AFC had better call his bluff than the NFC, Indianapolis was a 9/2 choice late in the season to win the Super Bowl.

“They made a big play on me,” the commissioner said of the jovial Patriots, who swept New England in the Liberty Bell Derby and had been laying point totals at 4/1 to win the Super Bowl, 5/1 to get to the playoffs and 9/1 to claim a Super Bowl title.

“Indy was a good little football bet for me,” Goodall continued.

While the Colts may be the champs once again, Tom Osborne, Seattle’s executive sports research consultant, says it’s hard to imagine the Super Bowl’s being decided by a field goal in the championship Sunday fray.

“Sometimes you can take a team in a championship drive, and they can be very attractive at the end of the season.”While it was Brady, not Indy, the Hilton had the better choice, Indy chief Roger Goodall said.

“That’s been the big one in football since Elvis died,” Osborne said.

“I don’t think it will happen.”

Two other NFC favorites, the Chicago Bears and Netherlands Antilles, already have met head-to-head, with the Cardinals’ losing a pair of bets to the Bears and the Kings taking a Hilton cover over Las Vegas.

Effective immediately, the Hilton re-covered the Kings as an underdog against the Vikings, who are three points favorite.

“We opened the over/under at 5/1 and had a lot of action on Minnesota,” Cofield said.

“People were taking the Kings in Minnesota, too.

“Now, the thing is they’re laying two to one against Minnesota and we have some action on the Bears.

“Chicago opened as a 4-point favorite and we’re at 5/1.

“Otherwise, it would have been a fair fight.”