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TheNation's Biggest Horse Racing Betting Forums

Angen, 31 years old, is blind in one eye and tending to be a bit on top of everything. Angen is from Utrecht in the Netherlands and he was an employee of the international bookmaker until recently. ufabet168 He has been a horse racing punter for about 6 years and I can only wish that I was at his level! Angen is a bit of anEasy money baby.

He only bets on horse racing, as he says that “it’s pretty easy, lots of big horses, I could do it”.

Angen discovered his passion in early 2009, when he was watching the Racing Post, which was giving a great deal of importance to the Acampure play.

The Acampures are allocated toMENTORremovables.

These horses are allocated number and color and are bet upon based on the bettors estimate or instinct whether the race will be for the number of the horse or its color.

Because of this practice, Angen has been given access to the latest information and pool of betting tips from the betting exchange.

And, what a fortune it is! In one day, he managed to place 70 bets, some of which rivals the best performance by any professional bettor!

Angen discovered that there are certain things to be aware of, before placing a bet.

He explained to me that a bet is not just a bet.

It is, in fact, a conversation between two people.

And if you fail to respect the position of the other people, you will end up paying for that bet!

In simple words, this means that if you are not ready to pay, you might find yourself SuddenlyPoor while the Opportunities you tookenses, suddenly became great!

And Angen was right to be amazed at the idea that a tiny everything bet could suddenly become a huge windfall!

On his 60th bet, a young fellow called Cromwell made an unbelievable find.

Cromwell is a dealer at a casino and for six years, he has been taking home about £150 per day. But that was not enough for him and he wanted more.

So, he started exploring the world of betting in order to give himself a bigger piece of the action.

Now, he is a trainer and, because he is an experienced one, he knows which horse to bet on and which not to.

Now, he is the person who is causing a big stir in the horse racing industry.

If you know the tricks, you can have an idea of where to place your bets and still make a huge amount of profit.

Not a small thing!

If you want to profit from betting, you have to know where the ‘lines’ are made.

It is in the agreement between the two parties that is made before the race starts.

Before the horses leave the gate, the saddle cloth is removed and a disposable material such as plastic or vinyl is used.

Then the top of the horseshoe is scratched off.

This ensures that there will be no undersounding.

Once this is done, theagnostic equipment is used to determine the starting point of the next race..

Everything is cleaned and lubricated; the fetlocks are loosen and the strings are pulled as if by magic, then the race begins.

As one of my customers has kindly informed me, the race goes on ‘clockwise’ from that point!

Right from the beginning, a note of caution must be issued to the betting public.

We are now in what the bookmakers terms as a zero-risk environment.

However, the vast majority of people bet in more of a desperate hunch and a lot of them lose.

That leaves a lot of money in the pot.

With the huge amounts of money involved, one would imagine that everyone would be making millions upon millions of pounds, however, that simply isn’t the case.

The following account from my customer goes into great detail about how easy it is to lose a lot of money:

To investigate just how disastrous it can be, I took the liberty of obtaining figures for the top 20 bookmakers on the web.

The results shocked me.

The worst case scenario for the average gambler is that of having to wager some 7.8% of their total bankroll on a single sports occasion.

This might be acceptable if the bookmaker was betting on a ‘sure thing’ or, better still, a ‘very good’ team.

On the other hand, if the bookmaker was performing ‘ MILLIONLY’ better than the betting against the customer, then, even with all his years of training, a complete professional like myself should be able to make £30,000 per month!


However, the reality must be faced.