How to Master Horse Betting – Three Strategies to Beat the Races

Horse Betting

Picking winning horses is a strategy people have been trying to figure out and master to beat the races. Though there is no magical formula to win, there are certain things to keep in mind as a landscape of resources to master horse betting.

* Horse betting is a game of odds. A successful strategy lies in knowing how to judge the odds in every race. It is your prerogative as an amateur to hunt for highly probable horses or surprise the professionals. However, without a thorough understanding of the methods and tactics of horseracing, you will not be able to decipher any great profit. It is more of understanding the methods and the tricks than it is the triumph or failure of one horse. No minimum deposit

* There are several methods in which one can predict the outcome of the race. The most popular method is the half a percent bet, which is done in several tracks. When you are considering this method, it is important to understand that the horses are generally classified into three categories: two-year-olds, three-year-olds, and four-year-olds.

* All horses give 100 percent to 100 percent betting. However, there are some horses that do not go 100 percent betting and there are some horses that may go over a percentage point. This is a sign that there would definitely be a probability of going more than 100 percent. In order to decipher this, it is important to bet on horses that have participated in recent races. The percentage point or track edge may differ and it would be necessary to identify it on paper.

* When betting on horses, it is also important to consider the jockey. Horses do not run by themselves, their jockeys run them and the horse with the best jockey always win. This is one of the most important criteria to consider and to overcome any roadblocks.

* By looking at the form, one can easily tell how many races a horse has participated in. This is the best way to tell how challenged a horse is. However, it is also important to look at the earnings noted on a horse. This will help one evaluate whether the horse is fully ready for the race.

* When betting, do not bet on a horse which has less than the necessary odds. This is considered to be a bet that the owner would much rather you lose, or win, than the house. If you bet less than the necessary odds, the horse has an edge over you. If you bet more than the necessary odds, the horse is susceptible to softtracks, which turns the surface into a soft tire. Learn to identify TRAINER suppose a horse has been trained wrongly. An exception to this is if the horse is a recent trainer. Probably the horse is very young and faces competition at the start of its career.

* Betting against the book does not mean traveling in search of a better price. Avoid this.Instead, you should calculate the percentage of return to the amount of money you are willing to lose. If you can do this, you will then know what pace you should be running, the kind of race you should be in and the exact horse with the best odds.

* Betting on trifectas, even though it may look profitable, is not advisable because of the fact that the probability of winning is very low. When you bet in combination ofPrice wondered how to win at horse race, you will have a tendency to be an armchair quarterback to a great extent since you are being bogged down by the analysis of the statistics.

On the other hand, if you like to take your betting just a little more serious, there are several ways to go about betting. It is past time to watch the practice of sports betting instead of doing in predicting those who are about to fall by the wayside. It is also important to bet only an amount that you can manage to lose, and after that you should quit no matter how lucky you feel.

The decision of when to quit, is crucial. One must not be so greedy and crucial especially after having a win. Another thing to remember is not to gamble the amount that you need to pay for betting. If you are handicapped with the amount you have to pay, you tend to keep on playing in a daze, which can also fix you for a loss. Understand that gambling in sports is taking a chance and not one-sided betting.

* While horse betting on sports, ignore betting on your favorite team. Betting on the least favorite team would commit almost the same mistake as betting with your favorite team. Betting on both the least favorite and your favorite team is not going to make you win the money. If they can win by successive losses, they will be more than glad to bet on the least favorite team.

* Leave your betting to the experts.

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