Halo Reach ONI: Sword Base Walkthrough,

Halo Reach ONI

Halo Reach ONI Part 1: The Best Defense…This mission features a combination of both indoor and outdoor fighting, including many vehicular options in the outdoor section. This is also the first mission in which you fight Hunters, the most durable infantry of the covenant forces. However, you are not able to fight Hunters at the end of this mission, and you will always instead fight Grunts at the end.

You start this mission with a 50 ammo DMR and a 375 ammo assault rifle, in an unoccupied room. Swap your assault rifle for the smaller plasma pistol you have found beside the bed in the armory. Grab more ammo from the crate you are in and continue to turn on the small incendicite laser near the bed. When the laser is about to finish charging, use the DMR to finish charging up the plasma pistol, and then swap for it once the laser is finished charging.

The area ahead is broken into three sections; an elevated platform to the left, an exposed area in the middle, and mirrored elevated platform to the right. On each elevated platform, there are a DMR and a sniper rifle, plus what looks like a drop shield. On the lowest platform, there is a health kit, a plasma pistol, a hologram, and three sprintpelisks. In the center area, there is an invisibility bubble, two health kits, a plasma pistol, a rally sign, and six marines. ufabet1688

The Spartans will first encounter the hunters, a bird like alien race that is completely brainless. It has very limited intelligence, and is only capable of attacking using melee, meaning that you are entirely on your own when dealing with these beasts. When you first meet the hunters, it will appears that they are following you, but will quickly turn around and kill you with one bite. You are safe to kill this creature from a distance, allowing you to quickly slaughter the rest of the marines, allowing you to progress to the next rally point.

After you kill the Hunters, the elevators will malfunction, resulting in both you and the banshee being sent to the lowest level of the building. From here, you will need to jump, sprint, and melee the door near the window to enter the relay station worthless. However, if you decide to melee the door, you will need to grab the melee concentrate, so do not bother trying to melee it.

Once you manage to enter the relayer, a marine frigate will arrive and assist you. However, the marine is only capable of killing the last marine, so instead of killing the last marine, you will instead need to immolate yourself by shooting the grunt responsible for killing your last marine, twice, and then quickly sprinting away until the marine regenerates. This is much faster and easier than killing the last marine, so do not worry about trying to melee it.

After you kill the last marine, the doors slowly open to reveal a cybernetics core. Immediately move to the core and turn it on, saving your game. Then you will need to reactivate the second relay tower, soSecrets of the Reclamationis the second best way to achieve this. If you are playingHC, you may wish to stay in the garage until after you turn on the core, so you can take the enemies out with you.

When you retreat through the now-opened garage, you will discover that you have credits and will have to save them. Unless you already have too many credits, you should save them at this point so that you will have enough for what you need.

Two knights with plasma balls will attack you after you exit the garage, so engage them once they come. You may wish to use cover to avoid their plasma balls. Once the knights are dead, you may use the core to charge your plasma pistol, then quickly take the enemies out with you using the core. You can then shut the doors to the second relay station and enter the valet vehicle to leave the garage.

Halo Reach ONI Part 2: The StarboardIn the parking lot, you will find a man named Brand paddling in the water with what looks like a real, dead turtle. You will find another briefcase near the turtle, and a dead marine inside. You will find a green key next to the marine’s body, so return to the surface and use the key to open the doors.

You will now move to the left side of the building, where you will find a truck and an assault rifle. Swap your plasma pistol for the assault rifle, as it is stronger and more accurate than the plasma pistol. If you want to intact your EVE Online character, you should use the marine’s DNA to create a hybrid 66 times. This will allow you to have the option of adding an sixth infantry soldier to your marine force!

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