God of War 3 Review

God of War 3

Action genre gaming fans worldwide rejoice! The third installment of the God of War series is here. Officially released on the 10th of March, God of War 3 has quickly become one of the most sought after games within the genre. This is due to its fantastic cell-shaded graphics, as well as the highly challenging Kratos encounter level.

This is the first game in the series in which Kratos has been playable without using a controller. Instead, he is controlled by the PlayStation 3’s Dualshock 3 controller. Needless to say, the control is a perfect fit for Kratos. With the use of this controller, gamers can pin their opponents down and literally cut their heads apart with a single slash.

God of War 3 brings back Kratos’ earlier adventures. Before, he was able to travel to Mount Olympus and then the lies with the help of dimensional stasis dolls. However, now Kratos will be going up against even worse foes in time-consuming fashion. You’ll be able to see quite a few of your favorite characters from the previous games making a return in God of War 3.

Game play is as fantastic as ever. Facing off against foes which have been redesigned specifically for the new generation of PlayStation 3 gamers, you’ll find moving from the over-the-top combat of God of War 2, to the more thought out approach of God of War 3.

premises are breathtakingly set: on top of the statue of Zeus, you’ll find the mythical realm of vomit and agony. From here, you’ll see right down to the tiered indulge of the game. The minimum deposit is 100 baht

Everything is better with the Dualshock 3 controller: due to the incorporation of the Sixaxis controller, head-to-head multiplayer is better than ever. The rumble feature has been upgraded, making you feel more immersed in your action.

Flight capabilities have been greatly improved: now you can use the rear joypad while using the front Sixaxis controller for additionalfeintofplay. This is in addition to the vibration features everybody favourite from the previous God of War

God of War 3 can be absolutely fantastic: graphically, the improvements aren’t minor at all. The lighting effects are better, the characters are more within themselves, and the variety in which you fight is more exciting, realistic and challenging. The brutal new PlayStation 3 slim console is the best platform ever to undertake this type of undertaking.

Dissimilar to God of War 2, which has been primarily known for its auto targeting, here you can actually make use of the souls of your enemies to rise up and smite you into oblivion,resh and unleash chaos in a truly joyous way. Since, the more opponents you defeat, the stronger the enemies you face, the bigger the challenge begins, it is likely you will end up battling what you cannot beat. This adds a lot more challenge to the game, and might actually end up frustratingly so, since it is harder to defeat something new, than something familiar.

The mechanics are, in a word, brilliant. But their finesse is also in question. A few months ago, when the demo was released, people found this annoying, since using the new controller was still a new experience. But, since its release, the majority of people have had trouble mastering the control. At best, they are good enough with it to make Legend of Dragoon difficult, at worst, painful to play.

Of course, you can also be asgardian as you like and devise your own weapons and powers, but you can also find other people who will share your loath with you. When you begin, you will find eight people who will share information with you, and you will agree to their actions as you progress through the game. At first, you will find it easy to share the same space on the screen with them, but this will require patience and skill. You will also meet a few scrupulous people who will stop at nothing to steal from you. They will blend in with the environment, steal from you when you are walking through a very beautiful forest, and even kill you when you make the mistake of bumping into them.

As a tradecraft based game, you can upgrade your weapons based on their proficiency as the game goes on. While the base weapons can only be used from the beginning, you will still find hundreds of ways to use your weapons for every single level. You simply have to use patience, planning and the right loot to work your way through the game.

You will need energy for the game to run, simply because you don’t come in the game hungry as your food supply bar will be very small. You can improve your energy levels by waiting for a longing but eventually replenishes itself.

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