Giant NES Collectors

Giant NES Collectors

The giant NES collector was first released in the early 1990s. This was back when the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was still the dominant video game system. Due to the massive demand for the NES, giant collectors sprouted up all over the country. Some of the Giant NES collectors are from Japan, obviously, where there are literally hundreds of these items available. Due to their popularity, the games have been emulated by collectors to the point where the originals are almost impossible to find.

The strength of the giant collector comes from the fact that they are not only easy to obtain, but they are also extremely cheap, which makes them a real bargain. On average, one NES on eBay usually sells for $5-10 less than a complete set. Because of this, the reasonable price range for one NES is $10-20. Obviously, the more rare the game is, the higher the price will be.

Like other niche items, the strength of the giant collector comes from the fact that they are so easy to sell. On average, these sellers make $10-$15 per sale. Because they are so easy to sell, the seller can potentially make hundreds of dollars every week from all of the NES and Famicom collection owners who buy them regularly. There is no minimum deposit

Giant NES collectors are a great way to get new games. In addition to being easy to sell, their resale value is very high. Most people who deal in the niche of NES collection buy games from eBay and Amazon, because they do not want to deal with handling and shipping costs. Many of these companies offer Giant NES collectors a free shipping estimate, which makes buying these items even more convenient.

Almost all companies allow you toassemble your Giant NES collection, if you can get all the materials together. It is a simple as repainting a CD. Most companies will pay for it if you do make a mistake, because they do not want to lose money on repairs.

Despite the fact that they are easy to sell on eBay and Amazon, the strength of the Giant NES collector comes from the fact that they are so easy to obtain. Almost anyone can get a set together in their garage. It only requires that you have a basic picture and a how-to guide that is to the point. It does not require a whole lot of skill.

Although each Giant NES collector has a different method of putting everything together, most people do not have to do a lot of research to get a basic understanding of how it works. Do not let anyone tell you that you have to get ten figures to put together a Giant NES collection. It is easier than you think. Most of the Giant NES collector items are mass produced, and then retailers use code words to sell them. For example, you may see codes like :

  • BLA-0003
  • NES – 7Rh
  • ROOT – 260 parasitic
  • RLD – strongest

These are all common codes, and most items are in there to speak of. Some Giant NES collectors will play the originals and try to sell the lack of condition, and will get real cheap. Like the famous checkout man, there is no such thing as a catch-all. When you decide to sell the item, you will probably get the best price, because others customers will read through the item. A basic axiom to remember is that the rarity of the item increases the prices, and the more rare it is, the higher the price.

Giant NES Collectors

One thing that you can do to get some of the better prices is starting to buy and resell games. Resell an original game at a discounted price. Check the box office for the going rate, and then check the games at the retailer for a reduction. Check them twice a day for about a week, and you will notice that you will have quite a good chance of getting the original price. There are times when the savings are incredible, and you will notice the prices about $10 to $15. That is about 40 to 50 percent off the retail price. Just make sure that you are not getting the item to the retailer, but you are getting it to a person who has purchased the item to sell.

While Giant NES Collector items do have their place in the game collector world, they are not all that common, and are harder to find, especially those that are small enough to be appropriately priced. They are definitely worth the search, and the added savings that you will get by finding this product at a retailer and then selling it online.

Giant NES Collector items are not as common as other game consoles, so don’t miss your chance to own one, and enjoy your game collection, but you must know that it does take a bit of work to find the best price for a game.