Football Betting System – Proven Facts

Football Betting System - Proven Facts

Placing football bets is the single most popular bet within the world of football and possibly the most popular bet in any sports betting. Most bettors know that placing football bets, more often than not, is a losing proposition but often still a fun way to make a few extra bucks.

However, most bettors do not understand the basics of football betting. If done properly, can be a consistent winner in the long run. So what are the basics of football betting? Web casino

Firstly, Aaron Rodgers is not your man. Aaron Rodgers is a capable quarterback, more so in the pass/spread zone than the straight-up game zone. What this means is that you need to handicap Rodgers playing as if he were actually your starting QB at the start of every week. This means spreading the bets and taking advantage of his great stats and perhaps the limited action he received last year (14 starts, 8 picks).

Rodgers is a great QB and the Packers are a great team. The problem comes down to the broken collarbone and whether or not he can overcome the significant injury that fellow Green QB Brett Favre suffered in late October of last season. Needless to say, Aaron Rodgers is the man and the Packers are all-in.

There are many angles that the betting public haven’t touched on in the first two weeks of the NFL season. For instance, the Atlanta Falcons are a total team of surprises. Just how good were they last year? How come the Falcons are struggling this year?

When the Falcons were stealing the headlines thanks to their crazy 40-0 season as the Super Bowl Champs, many bettors simultaneously wondered if the super-speed Kyle Orton would be the right man for the job. The Falcons injury to Orton is a huge concern, however the read-easy Drew Olsen is the odds on favorite to assume the starting job.

According to reports, Atlanta is done dealing with its Orton dilemma. The Falcons are closing in on a deal to trade Orton to the Arizona Cardinals in exchange for WR Roddy White and dime a odds-on rookie QB, SeanScheelor. At first glance, the deal doesn’t look bad when you’re standing there watching it play out on TV. But the Cardinals appear to have other plans. They’re going to try to gin up some interest and keep the media pre-occupied. They’re going to show that they’re different. They’re not like the Falcons.

At least Roddy seems alright. He seems like a good kid. If he stays healthy. If he has what it takes to compete. Sean Carroll knows the Falcons well enough to say this kid is going to get better and he’s going to surprise the hell out of the Falcons.

On Sunday, the Falcons are going to find out if their latest acquisition, GM Rich McKay, is a short-term rental or the long-term replacement for Davidborne?

There’s no pressure for Atlanta to win this game. They let the Bengals know they have no heart. Atlanta needs to win this game to feel okay. What’s funny is that the Falcons won’t get a serious look at the comeback of QB Michael Vick. We can expect a good game from Atlanta, but if Vick doesn’t have 50 passing yards, there’s not a chance that Atlanta starts winning.

But there’s no chance that Atlanta would have #1 this week, either. It’s impossible. My guess is that Atlanta will still allow the Bengals to control the tempo of the game. Will the Falcons be in the game you are considering wagering on? If not, there are bigger games this week with Indianapolis and New England.

I like both sides in this game. NY is 9-2 ATS in its Wild Card matchup compared to 7-2 ATS in its AFC Divisional Playoff matchup. However, New England is 17-5 ATS in its Wild Card matchup.ishes this particular matchup with ease. Is this one of those “this plays crazy” type games? Let’s find out.

This is the weekend for huge upsets. It’s also the weekend for huge here. Lets double the take on the Bengals here from 20 to 18. And the AFC is 5-0 this season when facing the spread. Lets go to the opposed side in our other NFL Game of the Year. The Patriots are playing the Colts in a battle of 11-5 ATS. Indy is playing the Patriots in what should be a close, hard-fought game according to the line.

Indy wins and covers the spread but the damage has already been done. Think back to late December, namely the last three weeks of the season. Think about how pathetic the Steelers looked, struggling on the road at Kansas City, struggling at Baltimore and then failed to score a touchdown against the Bengals.