FarmVille Police – How to Get More!

FarmVille Police - How to Get More!

As a FarmVille farmer, am I allowed to use the police in FarmVille? Or, is this within the rules? You are allowed to use them for many things, just like in real life. As you know, the police issue tickets for certain infractions. If your ticket is doubled, that adds on to your total Earned Potential score. The more tickets you have, the higher this potential score will be. So, how do you get more tickets? Here are several tips to increase this number.

Increase the number of neighbors you have by clicking on the “My Neighbors” tab. More neighbors naturally leads to more help from the police, and eventually more tickets. FarmVille Police is a social game, so the more neighbors you have, the more people will be willing to help you. Since it is a social game, you need to expand your farm as much as possible. The more land you have, the more crops you can plant, and the more animals you can have. Then, as your farm grows, you have more options to expand your farm! Minimum deposit 50 baht

Keep in mind that even though you may want to spend your earned points on improving your farm, and chances are that you want to, that does not mean that you are going to stop at one. The more points you get, the more wanted it will be for other people to buy from you. You want as many neighbors as you can get, and they’ll be willing to help you work on your farm and watch it grow.

Hint: It is possible to get a ton of neighbors quickly! Click on the “My Neighbors” tab and you will see that each of these neighbors has an ” Interest ” score. Of course, you will get more points for everybody that you are associated with on FarmVille.

Spend some timeSend gifts to your neighbors because many will be happy to receive them. Since FarmVille is a social game, there will be many other users who will also want to send gifts to you. The more neighbors you confirm that you have, the better off you will be.

Pick Your CropsSmart is a fantastic investment, but sometimes you have to choose. A mistake many people make is to not pick the right crops to plant. You could have a crop, such as berries, that will grow quickly but you will lose money if you do not take care of it. For that reason, smart choices are the berries. Be sure to plant crops that you know will cure your cash-flow problem – at least, that is one of your options.

Another option is crops that produce a steady stream of income. With this type of farming, there isn’t a need to monitor your replant crops strategy. For this, you will want to plant as many of these crops as you can in the time that you have. Careful planning can make this a faster way of doing business.

Another strategy is the buy-and-sell business. Be sure to watch the live feeds for any new Stones Throwable items that are coming onto the market that can be purchased with FarmVille cash. Many times, these items can be resold for a great profit.

With these tips, your farming will be a lot more fun, have a lot more kids wanting to play here too, and you will make a lot more money than you would otherwise expect. If you think you have strategies that are better than these, then go ahead and create your own FarmVille secrets. Just make sure to follow the basic tips any expert FarmVille competitor does.