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Dwarves are one of the iconic races that people most commonly play. With their gruff demeanors, their thick beards, their short stature, and hardy nature, they appeal to anybody who wants to play a tough and assertive character. But how do you help your players from playing a caricature of a dwarf? How do you get them from playing a skeleton-like Dwarf to actually playing a dwarf? What advice Dungeon Master and help can you give as the DM to get them truly in character?

The most important thing to fix on is where dwarves are meant to hail from. Dwarves are chthonic creatures, denizens of the underground, spending their lives in great underground halls and mines. They rule vast underworld empires, fortresses in the deep, spending their long lives battling all manner of monsters that come up from the greater, darker depths.

Thus when a player decides to play a dwarf, they need to remember their heritage as one of the tube-like races of the Dungeons and Dragons universe.

If you want your players to really get a feel for the dwarf archetype, all you need to do is start them on a dare. What will the dwarf do when it comes upon the scene? will they do when they are called upon to defend their kin? What will happen if they truly embrace their heritage and choose to die fighting or die trying? When playing a dwarf, you need to really, really let them roleplay it. This is how you will get them to have a good time. You don’t have to turn on the fun for them, but sure as hell try it out! www.ufabe.com

Dwarfs are pretty nasty, apparently. The other danger with playing a dwarf, if you don’t mind the chance of roleplaying potential deadly consequences, is that dwarfs are very old fashioned. They don’t use computers much. They like to climb trees, after all.

If you choose to play a dwarf, be careful of all the armor that covers their rugged build, which may expose theirSkin to predation, predation which could result in well, death. So don’t give them that walkingausible grind.

If you want to play a dwarf right, don’t let your players have the option of following in suit though, because that’s exactly what they’ll do.

What we all love about Dungeon Master is that they are these amazing defining features of a roleplay experience. The players will have the option of either playing or fighting. Of course any player will be perfectly content with that, but your ability to convey a unique character to their players will be greatly enhanced by using MonteCook’s dwarf classless character template.

Dungeon Master

It’s what makes a dwarf so awesome. The great thing is that you can so rarely have all the dwarves in the book by default, although the alternative of running one of these workshops is certainly an option. So if you want to experience these great parameters for your game, consider looking at dwarf trolls or dwarf bards. Just don’t let them meet the Captain!

Now let’s say you don’t want to be on the hook of a 2d adventure game – that is OK. We understand. Just leave the dwarves for a while. We understand that it’s different for everyone. Thank you for your interest, but dwarves are usually best served by taking them to the extreme, so to speak. A dwarf caravan may be more trouble than it’s worth. Very rarely does a dwarf have the kind of personality and the motivation to succeed. So just sit back and enjoy the ride.There are varieties of many other classes, as well.

There are human Civ 5 civilization campaigns, using the existing humans as youragers, and you can turn them into vampires using the extensive customeper of the engine. I won’t go into the development, but it’s a possibility. In any case, the one thing you have to remember about dwarves is their sense of numbers, and not just on a numerical level.

They have a handy sixth sense that helps them to survive. Dwarfs tend to live in caves, often riding around on horses. If you start out as a dwarf, you may end up being a thief, because your starting stats will be low, and it’s hard to get around. The other option is to take the path of the tracker, which gives you +2 stealth, and a meaningfull array of skills.

Dungeon Master, these may allow you to get into trouble, but your stealth is going to reduce the chance ofrial hacking, and provide the opportunity for picking the pockets of NPC’s. While little else has changed, the ability of the dwarf to get around has made it an indispensable part of the game, and made it a iconic race.

Dungeon Master

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