The Hi-Lo Counting System

Counting System

Some consider Blackjack card counting a thing of the past. This seems to be based mainly on the fact most casinos, home games or back room parlors now use a number of decks instead of just one. Card counting system with a number of decks is a lot harder but can still be worked into an advantage for the player. ufabet168

The easiest method and most popular method is known as the high/low count. Keep in mind it is easy to count how many high cards or low cards there are in a deck. Easy. So, the rule is you start out with a base of 15 or 16, you add a point on the low cards or minus a point on the high cards. Easy.

But, what is the real secret s selling? How do they do it? Well they know a lot about the game and have peers within the industry, otherwise they would not be selling anything to you. They know the stats, they know the probability of busting with certain combinations, but most importantly they know just how to manipulate the game. They are mathematicians and they have studied human behavior to get to the level where they can predict the future. Some even claim they can actually guess the future.

The problem is, most people are skeptical and no one wants to be considered a phony and someone who is trying to cheat the game so they usually just come out and say, “Yes, I could really count cards, I have done this.” Most times they are just passionate about the game and passionate about helping people earn winning bets. The cards are shuffled, the deck shuffled, the ball dropped and the game started. Now some people say, “You have to give the dealer the cards, the deck is just ugly, it makes the deal worse, it makes it difficult for the dealer to count cards, the whole deck isavy blue, it just gives everybody away.” That was said by Skiphs.

ulated by Skiphs.

Actually, the whole key to card counting is you having to actually LEARN to count cards. Learning the game you have to learn what cards are already dealt and what cards remain in the deck. You can’t learn it by just looking at a deck of cards, or learning from your friends. That’s a bad poker secret of sorts….but really no secret at all.

The Attitude

So, you want to learn how to count cards? I suggest you take the mindset that you are going to be cheating and you are going to be cheating by keeping track of the cards. If you get serious about it, you will succeed. If you don’t care about cheating protection, you will succeed. You can do it, the hard part is learning how to do it and mentally sticking to it long enough to make it work for you.

The First Step

You have to take pride in knowing how to count cards. While it doesn’t mean you are going to use it at every hand, you do need to have a few different systems under your belt. The first system I learned how to count cards was the Red Seven method. You are supposed to commit the net point count as a positive number when you are blackjack’ing, and you lose when you get below +4. However, the card counting rules say that you stop adding to the count after a winning or losing streak of 8 games or more.

Another system is the Hi Lo Card Counting method. This is give by a person who claims to have developed a system that will get you a true count of the cards each round. You have to start each counting round over at 0. There are some variations of this count system, such as the “tunnel vision” counting system, but the main thing is that you have to commit the net point count as a positive number.

When I started, I had no idea what the truth was about card counting, you know the impact of putting the cards under the right section of the table, but missing the whole idea of card clumping. Everyone knows about the shoe game, everyone knows about the tracking edge, everyone knows about running count charts and indeed clumping. But, there’s this wholerological notion that I am standing on, and I’m quite sure that most of youAreillustratedit!

When I started, I had no idea what the whole card counting idea was about, but alright, I understand now. This is the main reason that I wanted to make this video so that you could get an understanding of the whole concept.

When you think of it, a simple counting system is your best defense against the casinos. It doesn’t matter if you like to card count or not, when you learn how to count, you are going to be able to use it. You can make bets with your eyes closed!