How to Be a Card Dead in No Limit Texas Holdem

How to Be a Card Dead in No Limit Texas Holdem

Getting dealt bad cards can be the single biggest factor you have going for you in online poker. And it shouldn’t be. If you want to be a contender for the title of best poker player in the world, this is one of the things you should master. How do you become a card dead??

I admit I don’t know the proper way to describe this but it’s really like playing with your blinds folded. It’s really like not seeing your hole cards for the entire hand. At least, not until the river.

Cutting The Edge

You are left with two cards, the two hole cards in this case. You are pretty much at the bar in every hand you play. You want to make the most of every hand you play. How do you accomplish this feat? Well, tournament players often say the aim of a perfect tournament is to be heads-up with a single opponent, heads-up on the river. This type of player will be extremely selective on the cards available to him. He is essentially ‘blinded’ or limited in what hands he can play. Web ufaslot

This player will perceive his hand to be very strong. Because he has a very positive Win rate, he will believe that the correct hand is more than likely going to win. And so considering he will blind himself, playing premium hands from the cutoff or in early position, his opponent will not be able to call for any value.

If you want to survive into the tournament and be on the final table you need to alter your style a little. You want to be a little more carefree, a little more aggressive perhaps. Attack weaknesses and be a little more curious as to what your opponent will have. And just as important, be certain you pick your spots better, so you don’t deviate from the fundamentals.

The aim of the concealed information bet is to entice your opponent to play in a particular way in the succeeding streets of betting. Typically this is done by a carefully disguised check or call. Occasionally you will pick up a hand such as AA, and do a little check raise. This action is designed to bring more action to your play.

Concepts To Consider

A successful tournament player will incorporate as many different concepts as possible into his strategy. One of the things to consider is to use value betting to build an image of strength. Once you have built a certain image of strength, bet it again on the River when your opponent is sure he has you beat.

This action will cause your opponent to second guess his holding. This is a well known concept that works well in poker tournaments.

I hope these tips help you to think about how you can improve your game for future poker tournaments. I know there are many poker concept in addition to these that you think you should be using. I urge you to think about the possible ideas you have, and to experiment with the style of play you prefer.