Best MMORPG Ever


A list of the best MMORPG ever created would certainly be a daunting task. There have been many greats over the course of the gaming ages that have yet to be closely examined. Some of the earlier titles made this list because they were great both in terms of the amount of information given to the player and the quality of gameplay. Others were just simply ground breaking. The games that are mentioned here are all considered ground breaking in their own way.

The MMORPG that posted the highest bows were Fly For Fun. This Nintendo DS game offered a massive 3D gaming experience. Players used the stylus to steer their plane around obstacles and fire varieties. Fly for Fun received high marks for its playability. Other factors that gave the game high marks were its colorful backgrounds and the ability to earn bonuses. The game received much of the thumbs up when compared to similar games in the Nintendo DS.

An MMORPG that was part of the Ubisoft series gained much of its recognition. The player can assume the role of characters from the popular Prince of Persia Games. The player still has to use the stylus to Commands the action of the character. Therunner, created by the Ubisoft Exchange, captured much of the imagination of the Armis players who never imagined that the sky would be their onlyway to victory in the virtual world. The game hence incorporated live action actors to give life to the stimuli which otherwise would have been lifeless. This has made The Runner one of the most well liked MMORPG ever.

Massive Multiplayer online role playing games or MMORPGs is a category of computer games where players from across the world can get together on a single server and engage in adventures. The player can be any age from 8 to 65 and they can play as a single person or multiple people. MMORPGs require intensive computer power and server hardware. Without server software like Ventrilo Ventrilo is one of the best free MMORPG software that you can download to your system and gain the advantage of playing with other people from across the world. Downloading MMORPG based software is the best way to enjoy the fun of these games without the hefty price tag.*

A popular theme that keeps coming back every year is always the idea of world domination. The player can join an online game called World of WarCraft and fulfill their wild ambition to rule the entire virtual world with an army of super soldiers. MMORPGs have been the realm of global alliances and one world has been dominating the others with their might.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning is the newest MMORPG to make a dent in the market. Released in the second quarter of 2008, this game has already captured the attention of gamers teen and adults alike. The game is almost a self contained series of movies with no outlet as well. You can watch the clips of the popular first person shooter game if you like but that is about the only way you can really know how good this game is. Released in September of 2008, this game is one of the most anticipated of the year and is sure to be a serious contender for the title of MMORPG of the year.

Diablo 3 came out with its third installment in the long running Diablo series. With almost every character having been introduced in the past, there is enough new blood to make die-hard fans go back to the game’s predecessor. The game is in the same format with its predictability that the previous games had. The game is no longer an auto player but an ever changing world that is turn based. The game has however been improved in its graphic aspects and is said to be the best Blu-Ray upscale to date. Players of the game are said to be able to go past level 60 once they acquire certain items. There are also items that can make your character stronger. The game is also said to introduce new item drops as well.

New patches are also released periodically. The game is updated so frequently that it is bound to become farmland for any game with its constant updates. Diablo III is also available on other platforms. It has already been released on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Diablo III is a game in search of a good role model.Diablo has been a role model for many other games that were released, which explains its immense popularity. It has spawned lines of other games that emulated the action and wherein a lot of people are already waiting for the Diablo III version 3 due to which alone is enough reason enough to get Diablo III.