Aion – A New MMORPG Game on the Market

Aion - A New MMORPG Game on the Market

Aion: The Tower of Eternity is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The game developer is NCsoft’s Aion Team Development Dept, a major Korean game developer. Aion combines PvP and PvE in a fantasy game environment, and offers several unique features not seen in other MMORPG games, most notable being flying, both as a means of transportation and aerial combat. Other games in this genre typically offer flight only as a means of movement between distant locations. Minimum deposit 50 baht

There are four class archetypes of Aion: Mage, Priest, Scout and Warrior. Each of those is broken into two other specialized classes. For example, if you choose a mage as your class, you can further choose whether your character is a Sorcerer or a Spiritmaster. When starting out, you get to choose only from the first four classes, and when you advance to level 10 you can further choose your specialized class. It’s certainly a great feature and an interesting way of advancing your character.

Aion’s endgame is mostly about PvPvE content. Although there are some PvE instances where you can fight bosses and get great loot, the game was designed primarily for PvP and that’s where the action usually is. As you fight more and more in the world of Atreia, you will start to notice that you start to gain stat bonuses not just to your character, but also to all your party members. If you’re a sport, you will definitely want to collect and keep track of the bonuses you receive from your team members.

Aion also, much like other similar games, has professions. Some of those professions are geared towards gathering materials to sell to other characters, other professions are aimed at creating items that will be useful for players in the game world, and of course, some are geared towards crafting the basics of equipment for players in the game. You’re sure to want to select a profession that is one that fits your character and their role in the game.

A very cool feature of Aion is the way that you instantly get your wings in the game. The first thing you will be given when you begin playing is blue seeds or bloom seeds to plant into dirt. Over the following several levels, you will be given yellow seeds or budges to plant into a Dirt layer. When you reach the yellow level of plants, you will be given White seeds or branches to plant into the same level dirt. You are given an additional flower seed at level 50 to plant into the last level dirt layer. Along with your garden of flowers in Aion, you are also given some other bonuses beginning at level 10.

Aion also gives you some additional Inscription and Cooking bonuses while you advance through each level. You will receive a +15 boosts to Pages, Rings, andaxes when you reach theScoregrade of Inscription, and a +10 to Critical chances and a boost to the common food recipes when you reach the zeylon rank of cooking.

Aion has proven to be a huge leap forward in MMO gaming with it’s smart matchmaking, massive member base, and it’s new and innovative features like Spac Gulf Stream Guarantee and enhanced player vs player combat. The world of Atreia is a fascinating one and offers so much content that dedicated MMO gamers will want to return to it again and again.